Stop manually checking your competitors digital footprint.

Every other week, we send you an update containing everything you need to know about your competitors’ recent moves.

They trust us

We superpower competitor monitoring at startups and mature companies across industries and business models.



Why should you track competitors?

Closely following your competitors gives you more winning talking points in discussions with customers, empowers you in engaging with investors, and helps you better steer your business strategy in the right direction — learn faster, identify more opportunities and win more deals.


Keep your sales pitch up to date

Know the ins and outs of the alternatives your customers compare you with.


Adjust your pricing to the market

Optimise revenue potential by always knowing where your price stands vs others.


Copy successful strategies

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Detect what works well in your competitors approach to marketing and replicate it, live.


Detect where they invest

Anticipate the next move. Spot when a team is building up for a new capability or a new market.